Motorcycle trip to Italy


We are going to Italy next year and renting motorcycles in Milan. Anyone been? If so do you have any suggestion's on what to do and where to go. Or what not to do and where not to go.
Looks like 1st week of June, 2004 for about 10 to 14 days.
Thanks ahead of time for the info..
Are you going with a tour group?

I have heard and read good things about Idlewiess tours.  IT's sort of an organized thing but they really know where the good stuff is, best roads B&B's etc.  

Thats all I got...Other than some envy...

Something else you might want to do is talk to S7R4NGER or Nightstalker.  They are in Europe and will probably have some useful input.  Also if you or someone you know is a AAA member they can provide you with some real good maps and tips.
Next year, I am going to Austria. I will leave Portugal, and will visit Spain, France, Italy, Switerzland, and Germany. I will be a few days in each country probably. I will not rent any motorcycles though.

Maybe I will go to Belgium too... Is there anything interesting in Belgium?

Nightstalker, you might want to say something... Are there any Vespas to rent in Italy?
I am a AAA member and an airline employee. So I get quite a few discounts when I travel.
What I am looking for is some good route's to travel and good bed and breakfast's to stay at.
There is going to be at least 8 of us going and we plan on starting in Milan and heading down the Eastern side of Italy, back across to the western coast and through Florence and back up to northern Italy. If time permits we will do some riding up through the Swiss Alps. (Almost a must).
We want to plan it out thoroughly so we see as much as possible.
Houston, Tx
Maybe I will go to Belgium too... Is there anything interesting in Belgium?

Nightstalker, you might want to say something... Are there any Vespas to rent in Italy?

No seriously: Italy ... Are you looking for some roads to do some serious riding, or are you going for the scenery (there is some BEAUTIFULL landscape in Italy) ... Let me know what region u'r visiting and I'll see what I can find out. I have some buddies down there (Toscane and the Po-Valley) ... I haven't "been" to italy in the sense of going there. I went through it though. Only made fuel stops (was on my way to some Greek island), but had a blast and saw some really nice things (like italians, the female kind)

I do have to warn you about one thing though: they drive like poop. Be ready to get run over at any time, never park where can get bumped by a car (because they will, it's just how they park), and I'd stay out of the centre of most cities while on the bike.
One last thought, Southern Italy in June/July...I think it gets pretty darn hot and Humid...I was in Cypress for a few days in August and DAMN...Sticky Nasty Hot...I dunno about Rome and that area though, may not be too bad...a little further north...I think...Damn where are my maps...
We are going to fly into Milan then head down the eastern coast across to Rome and north to the Alps. We are going sightseeing mostly. Not a bunch of hard core riding.
We are staying out of southern Italy. Get's pretty hot in the summer.
This ride is probably going to be slow and 4 to 5 hrs a day.
We have age groups from 60 to 30 riding out there.
Looks like about 4 couples and 1 trailing car. So we should have a good time.
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You have to do Venice! It's great riding there. NOT! Sorry, I couldn't help it, I'm jealous. Have fun.
Be carefull the further south you go........... Lots of pick pockets! My friend lost his cell phone while driving a car with the window rolled down. They came up to his window on a bicycle and stole his phone right out of his hands.......... The country is beautiful and the people somewhat reserved, but friendly once you break the ice. I can give you some places to see/stay and words of wisdom.
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mario , I am a new member  and in aprill I became the proud owner of a New GSX 1300R. I also have a Kawasaki ZZR 600, a suzuki Burgman 650 and a yamaha drag star classic. If anyone has any questions on motorcycle touring in Italy feel free to contact me . I am a member of the federation of Italian motorcylists and my group is based on the lake of Iseo in the foothills of the Alps. I know this place like the back of my hand. Happy to be of assistance. :beerchug:
Big M (maristuff)
Big M, welcome to the site... I'm heading to Italy in the next couple of months on business. I should be staying near Naples I might have to take you up on the show me the sites offer....
I went touring to Italy for 10 days at the beginning of June this year.  I had just been knocked of my Blackbird, (bought the Busa to replace it) and had to do it on a loan bike, (Triumph Trophy 1200).
The one thing I didnt like was the weather, it was waaaaay too hot.  If you are on a bike you HAVE to do the Alps or better still, the Dolomites, theres nothing else like them in the world, you go from sun to rain to snow and back again in a couple of hours.
Driving round the cities is a big no, no.  Italian car drivers really dont give a f**k when it comes to bikes.  Get out around the lakes, (Garda etc), its more tranquil and you can take your time enjoying the scenary.
The other thing we didnt do was to pre-book hotels, there are loads of them, simply ride till your fed up or find somewhere you like and stop there.  I have done tours before where you pre-book and you end up regretting you cant stay in a little village you pass through because you 'have got' to get to the hotel youve booked in the next tow.
Make sure you have plenty of insurance coverage and all the usuall brake down contacts, watch out for the nutters on scooters and most of all, have a great time. :D
P.S. If you would like, you could send me over a bag of cash and will personally take time of work, hop on the bike, drive over and show you around..:D :D