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Well after comeing back from visting family in WA state i make it back to Rapid City SD to spend the night well decide to go for a ride with a friend well leave a gas station and my bike begins to knock :eek: so i hobble it back to my freinds place and take it to the dealer the next day i'm preparing for the worst but hopeing for the best he tells me it's a possible main or rod bearing that has gone bad :mad: but he cannot tell me for sure unless he tears my bike apart so i asked him if they would consider doing an overboar kit if it is minor well he dosen;t wana tackle that task so my plan is now to just get my bike and reasearch what to do weather to fix or buy a new bike this is where some suggestions and help would be greatly appricated i had earlier plans of doing a small turbo setup on it before this motor problem now i feel i'm better off doing a overboar kit if for the most part the block and case is salvagble i like to keep it for long riding and in town but wana have the extra kick of power for when i do run across the smart ass on the 1000's i'm a big guy 300lbs so i could use alittle more umph to cream em so this is what i have thought about doing i still wana keep milage and reliabilty so i figure doing a 1397 overboar kit with cams,head,and throttlebody work, and adding a 40 shot of Nos to the setup running 17 42 gearing and adding the overdrive gear setup i saw awhile back that makes 5th and 6th higher ratios if i do it that way i feel in 5th and 6th it will seem i have the 17 40 gearing? or am i off on this? that way i think it'll give me plenty of umph on the lower side and if i really need a kick hit the nos but then when i'm traveling across the highway i can have a bit of econmy yet and if i plan on just doing a all out travel like i just did then i could put a 40t on the back and mabey get hella god milage i have the 17 42 right now and on my trip of 3500 miles i avearage about 34mpg doing about 80 most of the time i'd like to up that some get it closer to 40 anyways thats kinda what i was thinking. please suggestions and opinions on this setup are more then welcome and greatly appricated as for going turbo still doubt it would be cost effective i kinda wana keep the budget under 7000 or else i feel i just as well buy a new bike and wait another year for a turbo setup cause goal on hp is 200 to 220 on motor alone the Nos is just for kicks but i want it built to handle it when i decide to play with it :devil: thanks again
Well i talked to suzki dealer today since well worse case scenario is i'd have to buy either a new crank or get a case so with these prices i hope the lesser of the 2 evils i shall have to get is a crank which i have seen used on ebay but the guy there tells me there diffrent from each year so am i gona have to get a specifically 02 crank or crank case to do this job or is he tring to fill me full of it?

oh and here is the prices he qouted me
$915 for a new crank :0
$1604.12 for a new crank case :0 :0 :mad:
so as you can imagein i'm really hopeing it's the crank
If I were you, I'd be phoning johnycheese.......and buying parts from him, or at least getting his suggestion, or shipping the bike down there.........but that would be one huge bill from SD to Texas.
Sorry to hear bout the you have any idea what caused it.........was the oil level you spend an excessive amount of time with the front wheel in the air?:super:
yeah my punction sucks english was a terrible subject for me in highschool sorry about that anyways back to the subject at hand as for the cause i'm assumeing one of 2 possiblities.

1. is i had laid the bike over a couple months prior and a hole was ground through the stator cover and gravel had gotten into it. granted it was cleaned out completely and the oil was changed at that time also so a possiblity of some sand coulda still resided in the bike. 6500miles had been put on since then the accident happend at 4500miles and oil was again changed 2000 miles after that time so before i left at 6500 miles oil was fresh again all this was done at a shop but no one said if there was anything found in the oil.

2. Bike is now at 10,500 miles with this occurance i have run several very hott days on the trip with my bike so break down of the oil may have been faster i don't know the day that it happened it was 115 that day and i was pushing the bike hard across montana to get back to SD that night so i was running at speeds of 120 for most of the day since i had a 3 hour delay in butte MT waiting for a new tire to put on. so one mechanic told me that the oil break down and the heat that everything was not lubed as well

Either one of these seems pheasable to me now to answer the other question yes my oil level was up i checked it every morning before i started out on my ride cause i surely didn't want any problems on this trip venturing so far from home.
As for wheelies i do enjoy them but i can only ride them out to the rev limiter in first and not much longer so excessive hang time is not in the cards there.

As for the parts i listed worse case scenario is that the crank and the case are destroyed beyond repair and well if the case is shot i'm not sure which route i will take then not sure if i'd wana buy a used motor or buy a new bike. that will be a dilema i will not know until at least Dec when i can actually afford to get the work done until next riding season here i'll be busa less oh well as for taking it to Johnycheese in texas or another guy i know by Motorhead in Ohio i would actually want them to do the work but the cost of transport of the bike there would be another factor so i have chosen a place outta Minneapolis MN that i have talked to for awhile and where i had my dyno pull done at seemed like good honest people to me even said to bring my bike up asap and he would keep it there untill i had the funds to tear into it then he would begin the work and he has been helpful and paitent with me so i'm willing to give him a chance.

well sorry again for the lack of punctuation thats just how i go i guess anyways some other suggestion would be nice or dose it sound like i have a good setup going already?
Can I ask one more question MBSD.

Just wondering if you lost any oil when you went down.......and if so did you run it at all at that time with low oil, or maybe it was running when it went down and you couldn't shut it down right away.

Just asking so we can all know if there is something we should be careful of.......or if it's an isolated incident.


Bill :beerchug:
Ahhh... I was just pickin' at ya a little bit. Just a little humor. I needed to lighten things up a bit after the day I had at work. Your punctuation doesn't suck near as bad as yer engine problems, broh. Hopefully you can get it up and running sonner than later.

As for which set-up to go with, I'd probably go with a big bore kit with or without NOS because I'd have to pay someone to keep a turbo bike in tune for me. Don't know jack about turbo stuff so everything would have to be hired out. I couldn't afford that. If you go the big bore route, once it's set-up and tuned you shouldn't have to to a whole heck of a lot other than maintain it.

I'd say go big bore and maybe NOS unless you race and really need the power of a turbo to be competitive.
Sorry train just been a long day between calling on stuff for my bike and trying to get in as much as possible been a crappy day for me bike breaks down and then i busted the baler today also so all going down hill for me might go grab some tonight anyways no worries man and as for Nos i don't plan to race at the strip i just wana have the boost for when them little punks on 1000's wana race me gotta keep them in line my big bulk and my bikes ya know

and you answer your question monster
yes when the bike went down oil was lost but i never started it after it shut down granted i had to manually kill it for some reason the saftey switch never shut it down so as for how long it ran with the hole and debry in it i have no clue no more then 30 seconds at most i slid away from the bike when the accident occured i was riding in the black hills agressivly and hit a patch of sand on the road and the ass end of the bike slid around and i pushed myself away when i stopped i noticed bike still runing in gear and i jumpt to it and hit the kill switch so thats why i am not ruleing out the sand or debri issue
MBSD: one more quick question...what kind of oil were you using when the bike went down?
I know...sounds like a stoopid question, but I heard synthetic would protect even if no pressure for a short period of time.

Sorry train just been a long day between calling on stuff for my bike and trying to get in as much as possible been a crappy day for me bike breaks down and then i busted the baler today also so all going down hill for me  might go grab some    tonight anyways no worries man and as for Nos i don't plan to race at the strip i just wana have the boost for when them little punks on 1000's wana race me gotta keep them in line my big bulk and my bikes ya know  
I know exactly what you mean. Have a drink for me! Hell, if you were local I'd meet you somewhere and buy the first round! :beerchug:

I also understand what you mean when you talk about bein' a bulky rider. I am dang near 300 lbs myself.  ;)
Well Dep it had normal suzuki oil in it which ever brand that really is i never got into the oils and stuff till latley i planted to switch to synthteic after my trip home but none there now and hey bullet train next year i have plans for a trip down that way as of when i don't know probly around this time again hopefully i have a rippeled midnight bike by then i hope or at least one if so we should meet up for a drink then alright
You got it. Just drop me an e-mail and let me know when you're coming down. I'll hook ya up. :cool:
Ahhhh...Bulk E. Rider. Someone called my OTHER name :D

Currently at 280 pounds. Taco Bell tonight (12 softshell tacos with tomatos). Maybe I will drop a few pounds to make my Busa go faster.......nahhh  :bounce:

Well, I'm gonna knock some weight off, but not to make my busa faster. I just wanna get into some riding leathers. If I'm gonna ride seriously I want all the safety gear. I want to hit the drag strip eventually and I definitely want to be properly wrapped when I do that. I'd feel really bad if they killed enough cows to wrap my fat ass right now. ;)

Aww crap BT....thanks for reminding me :sad:
I'm in the EXACT same boat as you. Need to get into leathers for drag racing and the animal rights people would freak when they wiped out a herd of cows to cover my bod. Let me know if you find a place that makes super-size (there I go again)
power ranger suits. The downside to losing all this weight is I look GOOD with it on my Harleys :D :D :D

I bet when you wrnt down the stator caused a short and it would fry the main and rod.
Don't ask me how I know this but I do.
PS if you want a motor I have one unless the customer here wants it