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Searched the forums alreadly and have not found enough information...

Never had a bike with a turbo or NOS kit on it, so I am not sure exactly what I should be looking for and I have no idea the differences in response, wear, etc... on the bike...

Let me lead in with my only experience (witness) of NOS/Turbo...Had a friend a few years back that had a 40 shot NOS kit on his ZX11D (It was fully decked out with 80 over on the bore, exhaust, etc, etc.) I seen him take off at a light once and his bike screamed down the road! (Back then I had no riding experience, so I am not sure if time has warped my perception of the incident, but it was scream'n for sure !!!) I am not blowing smoke when I say it looked like he was floating over the hills. (You can see why I may be leaning to going with NOS)

From the searches I have done, everyone seems to state that a 40 shot of NOS setup correctly will not put a lot of additional wear on the engine and its cheap.

Here is what I want out of the bike...

I want increased top end above 200MPH and I want an extemely quick quarter. (Haven't run the track yet and won't until next year, so I don't have any times to compare to.) So I am basically wanting to improve the bike in all areas with this new setup. From the researching I have done, it sounds like you only shoot NOS in certain gears which leads me to beleive that NOS may only give me one or the other.

I am open to a turbo setup, which could give me both, but if I can get similar performance out of a NOS kit cheaper, that would be my choice I think? I have seen 150 shot NOS kits for sale as well, but I am sure it will take some engine work. Does anyone know how much engine work to run the 150?)

Thank you all for the advice.

I had a conversation with a dealer recently about the progressive 150 shot of NOS...When he said $2,000 for the setup the conversation ended...I know that didn't help put that's how my situation went...We never made it to any upgrade's and/or mods to the engine...
Thanks Stunnah for the feedback. I take it progressive NOS will allow for the low end boost and the top-end boost?
my .02

NOS is effective, and overall cost to install it is minimal. it will easily get you over your 200mph goal as well, although a bigbore or cams or stuff wouldnt hurt... also pipe and ems.
the only gear you cant really use nitrous in is first, simply because you will loop it. from second up, you can burn hard. because nitrous has SLIGHTLY less spool up time than a turbo, it gets on the power a little earlier, but these new gen turbos hardly have no lag at all. and lastly, eventually, it runs out, and then you have to refill it.

TURBOS are EXPENSIVE. 5-7k to get into a decent one. if you can afford it, buy it. NUFF SAID. the only down side on turbo is that it takes a TINY little longer to kick in than nitrous, but its stronger, and it never runs out. oh yea, and if you plan on actually TURNING, remember that an increase of 100hp over 3000rpms can easily make you crash... so if your mostly a twisty rider (like me), I wouldnt advise it.

thats my opinion....
the supercharger setup looks good Mr. D... Wonder if they sell one in the states? I will have to look around. It is 2500 pounds which is probably about 3500 to 4000 U.S. Not bad, maybe still quite a bit more then NOS comparatively though.

I am starting to get more comfortable with my Busa, so I am strating to enjoy the twisties, but I wouldn't hit NOS in the twisties. I am not that ballz.:;):

I have read in recent threads that the overbore kits hurt engine life, especially the bigger ones. I figure if I am putting a NOS kit on plus a bigbore, I probably wouldn't have an engine that would last long or would be good for the street. In one of the recent threads, most were warning against the overbore unless it was for mostly track use.

What you think?

TJFast, SLEEPER, NE, and several others have NOS/Turbos. I am sure they will give you tons of input once they find this thread.
FWIW............I HAD a turbo for a short time. Got very frustrated with the tuning. IF I were patient I'm sure it would have been a good thing. NOS is much easier to tune for but wont give the top end rush of the turbo........plus the sound of the wastegate is intoxicating!!!! N.E. is the man on turbos!
At 5K feet bro, if you can afford it get a Turbo. It will render your sled allmost immune to the altitude changes. NOS at that same altitude would work just fine but I think a Turbo is a better investment.
ONE WORD....NX! No seriously. Nitrous express is the system. Best out of the box kit bar none. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to tune it. Gives the best power gains out of the box. It's a wet kit , which no matter what anyone else tells you, is the safest way to go for your engine. A dry system, and you are asking for problems very shortly down the road. Go with a conservative shot and you'll be fine. Get gready, be preparred for ridiculous wheelies. IF youMUST run a big shot, go with a progressive controller. NX kit for the Busa..699.00 Progressive controller..499.00. Palm piliot (which may not be necessary, depends on other acessories) 150.00
im going for some kind of mod like that over the winter not totally sure what though, im kind of leaning twoard a 1397 big bore/dryshot nos . i dont think i want the tuning headaches i have read about with the turbos plus i would have to travel quite a ways to find a guy that really knows turbos. i want a reliable 200hp and a little extra for the looong straights.i dont think i will have a big engine wear/failure issue with a mild overbore. just my.02
I have made up my mind all, I am going to do the NOS. I won't have the cash flow for quite some time to support the turbo system, I think after hearing of the tuning headaches, plus the cost of the system, and by the sounds of it, I will have to pay someone to put it on. I am thinking the cost will be WAY over 5k for a good turbo setup.

Thanks for the info. all,

I have made up my mind all, I am going to do the NOS. I won't have the cash flow for quite some time to support the turbo system, I think after hearing of the tuning headaches, plus the cost of the system, and by the sounds of it, I will have to pay someone to put it on. I am thinking the cost will be WAY over 5k for a good turbo setup.

Thanks for the info. all,

Depends how much you want for a hit of HP, Dry NOS works nice. Dry is a little simpler since you are sparaying it into the airbox. 26hp -40hp. Some realy nice simple setups out there. You will get a lot more out of the gas mix NOS for sure if you have the time and money. Just be careful about using to much. NOS can be just as much of a problem as a Turbo if not set right. You still need the engine to have negative timing etc.
Just my .02 cents, but I personally am going with the Wet system 100 horse shot with a Schintz progressive controller. With the controller you can control how much to spray and when to do it. My tuner recommends a 20% shot at and then whatever you want say 4 seconds later. THis is a drag setup, but can be tuned anyway you want. I will say that some simple mods need to be done before you do any spraying. Power Commander W/custom map, full exhaust, pair mod, clutch mod, lower the bike and extend swingarm. If you're going to spray anything over 50 horse shot, for the love of god lower and extend. I am going with this system in February, after I get my head work done. As far as the dry system goes, my guys won't even install a dry system. They say it will melt pistons like butter because it's too easy to get the mix lean. Dry is cheaper,, but hell what's the difference in buying a wet system vs. a new engine. I don't a whole lot of guys who use turbo, but to my knowledge, all the hardcore drag racers in my area prefer NOS and not because of the price. Nos can be just as smooth IF YOU BUY THE CONTROLLER!! Good Luck!!!