busa motor


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Well a friend of the family stopped by yesterday to ask me if I knew anyone who had a wrecked busa or if I knew where to get a busa motor for a project he is doing. I guess he found a kit for a 2 person dune buggy and he wants to fit it with a busa motor.

Sooo fellow ORGsters, does anyone have a motor sitting around that you may want to sell or do you know someone who does have one? If so, PM me and we'll see if we can't make you some money. (He has a late 90's viper and a Shelby Cobra. He likes his toys and I'm not sure he'll make you a good offer!)

PM me if you can help out. Thanks. Oh and sorry if I should have put this somewhere else :whistle:
Sorry, My busa doesnt have a motor...it has an engine. :whistle: But an electric busa would be cool I guess:poke: