Motor shot looks like a rebuild

Really Johny that has happened? how exactly dose the affect it enough to do such a thing and how did you come to the conclusion that it was the stator? just curious.
and as for the motor how much are ya asking and is it a stock motor? miles? or whats been done to it? i guess i don't wana jump the gun to bad yet till u know what is wrong with mine for sure and how bad it is to bad i have to wait till december before i can afford the full project.

hey monster how big a farm ya have run a good number a cattle? i'm a farmer also so just curious

and bullet and Dep i guess i must luck out here cause as long as the bike is mostly stock full leathers aren;t required at the track i go to but it's in the middle of a corn field also

peace i'll keep ya peeps informed
it fries the rod and mains due ti the arcing of the stator burns off the hardness of the bearing.
Old KZ750 twins were famous for that one (starter chain world cut the stator wires and arc the mains )
Ps motor is sold
Need to get into leathers for drag racing and the animal rights people would freak when they wiped out a herd of cows to cover my bod.
Lucky for me.......I'm a farmer........All the leather I want. :tounge:
Can ya spare 3 'er 4 of them cows there MSF? I'd really like to have some leathers now.  :laugh:
Sure.......I can send ya a few tomorrow.......cows will be free but shipping will be $2500 :D
hey monster how big a farm ya have run a good number a cattle? i'm a farmer also so just curious
Milk cows.......160
Young stock and bulls 200
Steers 600
acres farmed 1360 including leases........500 lease
Bluberries and cranberries too.

How bout you MBSD..........I think I asked someone on the board b4 bout their farm, was it you?
Wasn't it you that was farmin 1000 or more acres of grains or somthin like that, or is it all Alfalfa?

Just thoughta something.......we're prolly among the fastest farmers in the world :beerchug:  :thumbsup:
Yeah monster it's about 1800 farmed i can;t rember all the extact figures cause of crop rotations and stuff mostly estimate you may be thinking slightly over 1000 head of cattle though