Mod for those that have Genmar risers...


Got this idea from Stealth_Busa (thanks Stealth). After I installed the Genmar risers, the only thing I didn't like is the holes in the bar plate where the tops of the forks used to stick through. Went to Home Depot and bought these caps. Had to the trim the one side, but otherwise they snap right in. Really cleans up the look!

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That a great idea....... what exactly are they called? I also have a set of gen-mar risers........ Wonder if you could use those on the frame........
ks-waterbug - They're called a 'Hole Plug' and can be found in the nuts-n-bolts isle in a cabinet with drawers full of all kinds of doo-dads. The one's that fit are a 1" steel/zinc plated plug (package says DR# 23, Bin T, DR# 944 and they're made by Crown Bolt Inc). Hope that's enough info to help ya find 'em.