Missing GPR bolts..


Bought a GPR V1 off someone on this site and only thing it's missing is the 2 small bolts that screw the actual stabilizer onto the bracket that screws onto the tree.. Anyone know where I can order these 2 bolts or does anyone have some I can get???
fount this on their site  http://www.gprstabilizer.com/faqs

"I just purchased a bike and it came with the GPR/mounting hardware. Can I buy just the damper or parts needed?
Of course. We sell all parts individually as needed, or offer complete mounting kits. We also sell just the stabilizer by itself, if that is all you require. Feel free to give us a call if you need to place an order."

8715 Dead Stick Rd.
San Diego, CA 92154
lol. well dont I feel stupid... Went over the site looking for it too..
been there, done that before.