Marchesini Aluminum Wheels in Blue?


I am gonna extend my bike and get some marchesinis to go with it. But I want them in blue and everywhere i look it says they only come in black silver and gold for the busa.... will purchasing them in blue for any other bike work with the busa?

Big E

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What gen is your busa? If its the first gen. Suzuki Tl1000R/S and the 96-99 gsxr's wheel fit the first gens

Dr E

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You can take them in and get them recoated. All depends on how much you want the color. Good luck

Big E

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Or go with the current gen gsxr 1000k but will require some work to make them fit. Guys have done this coversion.


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what blue you want I have some freshly powdercoated magnesium wheels..I just put bearings and all back in them...

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