Having a short attention span I tend to flit from one thing to another.

Brought a guitar a few months ago and never really touched the thing.
Go on my game consoles for a while then don't touch them for months.

So now I'm into magic.

Got one trick which you had to make up, got some super glue in it.
I didn't know it was in there and Lynne was a bit wary of letting me use it, but I done it only gluing myself up a little bit.

Then I said to Lynne I needed some rubber cement, she said whats that, I said glue:laugh:.
The reply OH NO not glue, but she let me get it.

Then I saw a fire wallet, it catches on fire when you open it.
Showed Lynne a video of it, and was told in no uncertain terms your not getting THAT, and you know why, I'm not having you burn the house down.

So I ordered it in secret, I was like a little kid waiting for it, all excited.
Some of this was I think because I defied Lynne.:thumbsup:

Well it came and I set it up and said to Lynne I'd brought a new wallet, she said thats nice, I opened it and it burst in to flames.:laugh:
You should have seen her face.:rofl:

She told me off a bit and said I told you not to get that, you know what your like.:laugh:

Just thinking what to get next.:laugh:
Based on your situation, I would suggest the following:

1) Vanish: For when Lynne REALLY gets mad.
2) Defeat any lock: For when Lynne changes the locks after the next "fire wallet".
3) Produce beautiful jewelry out of thin air: To appease Lynne after your next act of defiance.

You get the idea. ;)

Best of luck!
Okay, I just about spilled my coffee reading the two posts from you guys. You guys are too much.
Why aren't you recording these encounters with Lynne, newman? I would love to see her face :rofl:

Hey, the trick worked though...did she give you credit for that? :p

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I wish I had recorded it.

And I wished I'd recorded the barmaid in the pub when I swallowed a polo mint and pulled it out of my neck with a length of string.
She ran away, the length of the bar.