Update on Mom

Don Hardcastle

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Friday was a really rough day. Mom's kidney's were acting up, her blood pressure was all over the place. The Dr. said that it was because Mom wouldn't get up and walk as much as she was supposed to. My aunt flew from KC to Houston on Saturday. Aunt Lynn walked into Mom's room and after all the hugs and hellos, Aunt Lynn told Mom she had two options.
1) Get her ass outa bed and get moving or
2) Lay there and die in which case Aunt Lynn was flying back to KC because it was to F*****G hot in Houston anyway.

In the first 5 1/2 hours that Aunt Lynn was there, she had Mom up 7 times. Tough Love works sometimes.

Mom's condition as dramatically improved and she is going home later today. Aunt Lynn is staying for the rest of the week to help Mom get into a routine.

Just wanted to update you guys.

Thanks for all the support.

Sometimes it takes tought love.
Glad to hear it Don!
It's the "getting up and going" part that's always hard on anyone after surgery...glad her sister got her moving. Keep up the pace on her so she doesn't slide backwards.

Great to hear she gets to go home!! Thanks for the update Don
Siblings can get each other motivated the best sometimes.

Glad she is improving.
Great to here Don.. Glad your Aunt came to town to get your Mom motivated..
for your Aunt! Sometimes the best for a person is the hardest thing for family to do. Hope your Mom's recovery continues to move forward.