Magazine review of busa!



Can anybody out there tell me what month and year the review of the Busa was for Cycle World magazine!!! If anybody has a extra copy or wants to get rid of that magazine send message and I will refer back to you thank you!!! Also, if anyone could tell where EXACTLY I can get a copy from the company please also let me know!!!

Each magazine gives a phone number/address for ordering back issues. It is usually up front with all the editorial and publishing and writer info. It will likely refer you to a company in Colorado which handles back issue orders for most of the cycle mags. I have gotten several from them and they provide excellent service. You would need to know which issue you were looking for to get just it, or they have black and white copies of all articles on a topic, such as Hayabusa. They usually don't include articles in the last year or so however, so they can sell you more recent complete mags. The man and woman I have talked with there are both avid motorcyclists, both on and off road. I have picked up articles recently on bikes as far back in the 1960's and could have gone further.
The review I know if was posted in the June 1999 Volume 38 number 6. As for getting a copy from the company not sure what to tell you. Sorry