Lynne has brought a scooter.


Lynne has just brought herself a scooter.

First getting a bike licence over here in the UK is a right pain.
I won't go in to it all but as a learner 17 or over you can only ride up to a 125cc bike.
You only have to do a Compulsory Basic Training test, which takes a day.

Lynne wanted a Cruiser, but the choice is very limited, so she decided to get a scooter, then pass her tests later, and then maybe get a bigger bike later on.

This is where the trouble starts.

I think we must have looked at all the scooters in Britain.
It was like going clothes shopping with a woman:laugh:.

I nearly wore the laptop out looking on different websites.

Now she could have had any Scooter she wanted, I'd find one, and it was no I don't like the front of that or I don't like the back of it.

They've not got it in the colour I want, I'd like that one if it was a bit darker/lighter in that colour.

Fair enough it's her Scooter and she wants to be happy with it.

So in the end she finds one, I've never heard of the make which is a Neco, and it could be a piece of rubbish for all I know but she wants that one, and thats that.
As long as shes happy with it.

Now on to helmets, shes already got a full face but it doesn't match the Scooter, now finding one is nearly as bad as getting the Scooter, do you know how hard it is to find a open face cream or cream and brown helmet to match the Scooter, what doesn't cost a lot:laugh:.
She found one it the end.:thumbsup:

We're on to top boxes at the moment, do you know how hard etc, etc.etc.:laugh:.

Well here is a pic, she should be getting it next week.



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it's always good to keep momma happy, life is better that way :thumbsup:


Oh no Lynne's looking at brown leather jackets now to match the scooter.:banghead:

She's got a perfectly good black leather jacket.

I know what's coming next brown leather boots.:laugh:

Of course she's got black boots, but guess what, they don't match the bike.

Still looking for a top box.


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She needs to get with Tiller (Jay) about matching colors....nice scooter. She should enjoy that!


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Congrats on the new scooter! :thumbsup:

My wife started on a Vespa and now splits time between the Vespa and an R6.


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They are chinese made.Some say good,some say bad.Just like with everything else.They have a 2yr warrantee(thats gotta give peace of mind).

Biggest complaints seem to be(like most chinese stuff) problems right outa the box.Nothing major,loose and/or missing bolts. Get out the Locktite,and give her a good going over. The dealerships for parts and service seem few and far between,but how much service does a scooter need? Just give her the recomended oil/lube/air filter/etc service and I'm sure all will be fine. The chinese are famous for stealing someone else's build sheets and copying them. My buddy sells Hyosung motorcycles and that motor looks identical to an' SV 650.:thumbsup: He's had a couple come back for little shi7 light throttle cables etc. I think this time they stole Vespa's blue prints,so if the carb ever failed(for example),just throw on one of the same size from another better brand and ride on.

Good luck with it. :beerchug:


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