Lynne took her cbt yesterday.


Lynne took her Compulsory Basic Test for her scooter yesterday.

This is a test everyone has to do if you want to ride a bike.

She was very nervous not because of the test, but because she don't like talking to people she don't know.

First they showed her things about motorbikes like how to check things like brake fluid, oil, petrol etc.

Then riding the bike steering in and out of cones doing figure of eight, junctions, right and left turns all that sort of stuff.

She said the hardest thing was doing a U-turn, it took her ages.

Then out on to the road, she was in front and was followed by the instructor telling her what to to via a headset.

She was out on the road for about 2 hours.

The training lasted for 7 hours altogether.

She was so excited when she got home.:thumbsup:

She can't wait to get her scooter.

I'm very proud of her.


oRg Gal
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That is awesome newman!! Tell Lynne we all said congrats and we're proud of her!

Sounds like a fairly intense round of training; I wouldn't have minded something like that myself when I was learning :thumbsup:
Congrats to her on completing the course and joining the ranks of the 2 wheelers! :cheerleader:

Florida changed it's motorcycle licensing requirement law back in 2010 to include the completion of a 15 hour basic rider course or a 6 hour experienced rider course if renewing with an endorsement.

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