Lynne's got here scooter.


Lynne got her scooter a couple of day ago but because of the weather she only got to ride it today.
Because there was a bit of a delay delivering it they gave her a free top box and fly screen.:thumbsup:

She's already talking about passing her full test and getting a motorbike.

Here's some pics



Looks like you all are going to have some fun. I couldn't help but notices there is room on the back for you.
i want some wheelie footage on that bad boy.:laugh: great looking scooter and congrats to Lynne :beerchug:
I love seeing other places...take a ride with her and snap some pics of the places you go!

I like the background in the pics too, where were they taken?
ABOUT TIME!! Somebody needs to be out there keepin an on you and your gas light :laugh:

Have fun Lynn and enjoy the ride :thumbsup:
Lynne says thanks everyone.

The pics were taken outside my Mum and Dads bungalow, Lynne and me live next door the one with the fence.