Lucky Strike replica


Here are some pics of the Lucky Strike replica that I finished painting last week. The Fairings are from Japan and were not in very good shape so I had to repair them. Originally it was a 250cc 2 stroke motor. It now has a 500cc 2 stroke motor. The owner did not want the yellow number plate on the tail section or on the upper fairing (it would have looked better with the number plate). The bike is being shipped to California later this week. Came out pretty good.
Looks like you done a nice job! Do you use base/clear paints? What brand? I assume those are decals and not painted on graphics?
Wow! Did you use cut vinyl masks then? It'd be near impossible to mask all that lettering and graphics by hand.

I've never useed BASF paints. I've used mostly PPG and Dupont with some House of Kolors occasionally. Anyway, again, nice job.
I can imagine!
Man o Man GIXX1300..I would be very proud to ride a bike you have painted.....saw that green green Busa you did a while back..sweet...sincerly PaceM
I love seeing the talent on this board... Just amazes me. Excellent work!!
Great job! Do you have any pics of other bikes that you might have painted?
Sure,here is a pic of my Friend's Busa that I polished and painted a couple of years ago. The tank has CarbonFiber inserts that I colored brandywine Burgundy and adhered them to the tank. I painted the carbonFiber Inner fairings,Brake calipers and other parts to match. I also ordered the Sato exhaust from Japan. Everything you see is paint,there are no decals on the bike.