looking for a busa


hi everyone...

i just sold my 1995 gsxr 1100.. and now searching for a busa....

i am currently in Montreal qc... (canada) aye!!!!

any ways im looking for a clean busa that has been well cared for.. 2002 to 2005...

i have seen many in my area and thy have all been played with and butchered by there owners...

i know new would be the best way to make sure all is good , but thats not an option.. i cant leave anything in stock form.. its the pleasure of modding that gets me going...waiting for those parts to come in... driving in to the drive way to see that sticker on the door..lol.. any ways i look forward to my purchase and any direction u guys can give me would be very much appreciated..

just to make things clear it does not have to be a local purchase...

Gen 1 or Gen 2

What kind of $$ are you looking to spend?
actualy got offered a 2003 22,000kms= 13,000 miles

white and silver.. it looks great..


seems a bit pricy.. any thoughts?

got undertail kit
aftermarket pipes
led lighting(blinkers)

all stock motor, and suspension

busa 2.JPG

busa 3.JPG

busa 4.JPG

That is a bit expensive from what I have seen. 4-5 for a similar year with similar miles is what I have been seeing for good deals. They are worth what someone will pay for them and with low mile 2008's going for 7k I would look for one in the 4500 range if you are a looking for a deal. Keep your eyes open. You will come across a deal if you are willing to hold out.
wel guys

still looking....

im really digging the 06 silver and white...

people think that these bikes are still worth $7000

wow.. its a tough market here in Montreal...

well found a 2006 le

mint condition.. 12,000kms

got yoshi slip ons.. not a scratch on this baby..

could not resist.. she is now in my garage..\sorry for pic quality...

06 busa.jpg

busa 06 le.jpg