Lock stuck.


Had high winds here in the UK a while ago.
I live by the sea.
And just went to open the padlock on my garage door and the lock is blocked with sand.:banghead:

Can't get it open.
Tried compressed air no good and hitting the lock Jeremy Clarkson style:laugh: but no luck.

Anyone got any ideas what will work.
Thinking of WD40.


Put some goggles on and try the WD-40 and use the little red tube, you dont want it spaying into your eyes.
If it's a pad lock, a marlin spike and a 3 pound hammer will shatter the lock.
Pb blaster works better than WD in my experience. We use about 100 pad locks a week at my work. If you can twist it to where it's nearly upside down and spray the WD or pb in the keyhole it may help.
Thanks for the ideas guys.

I've got like these double gates locked then behind them my garage is locked up with the same sort of padlock.
I hope that one's not got sand in it as well.

I haven't been out on the Busa for a few months and thought I'd give her a run out before it gets really cold.