Key/Lock issue


Hi .org, i've got a weird problem with the keys at L3.
The problem is that original key doesn't work, it doesn't rotate in the lock.
Before winter secondary key worked, but guys from the garage lost it :S

I try gas tank - opens
Passenger seat/cover - no
Ignition - no

Bike was crashed with this key, i fixed up the bike and can't turn it on. Bike is from Ohio, so it doesn't have immobilizer, like EU bikes.

Does anyone met such case?

P.S. Used some WD40 at ignition, it rotated once on/off and later - same trouble, no rotation.


Order a key blank and have it cut... My old GSXR had the same problem and I found that the key was a little tweaked/bent. I tried to straighten it out, but still no luck. So, I ordered a key blank and had my local locksmith cut the new key and it worked like a charm.

It's much cheaper than replacing a lock set.


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If nothing else - replace the whole key set. You can find them reasonably priced. The ignition is kind of a pita to change but the rest arent too bad. Being in Ukraine, i dont think you need to worry about somebody coming to steal your bike because they would have a copy of the key...


busaboyn2o, i did cut the the copy to a blank key, not solved the problem tho ( Will try once more in other key shop.

icemansid, i'm not worried about stealing the bike, just want to make it running :) Lost secondary key, and main is bent, that's the issue


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Replace the whole set and be done with your issues. you could also go keyless on the ignition.
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