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I am having one hell of a day, week; well with the H1N1 flu thing just round it up to a month.

My child managed to lock the door to our second bathroom (of course no one is in it). The knob is just a little twist button lock on the inside and on the outside (where we need to enter) is a hole to somehow unlock it.

I have rummaged though most of my husband's tools in the garage findining things to stick in that little "keyhole"; I am without hubby is away on on another job. NOTHING I find wants to open it. I am at the point of choosing the correct size phillips head screwdriver and taking the whole damn door knob off.

We have another bathroom, but it is the master in my bedroom. The older my son gets the more I refuse to wanna use his "gross boy bathroom".

Does anyone have any suggestions for opening this door before I get into really destruction mode? I am not feeling my best today as it seems one you get this H1N1 crap you may get well enough to go to work within a certain about of days, but the actual bounce back to feeling human can take awhile. I believe the medical term that the doc used was "run its course".

Thanks for any help that can be ofered. For now I am :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
two kinds:
push button.. poke something in hole and you will feel a "spring loaded" thing.. push the spring in and turn knob (most common I think)

other one has a screwdriver slot... need small straight blade, poke it in, turn 1/4 turn or so and open

after entry... locate kid, beat senseless and then lock yourself in bathroom... :laugh:
Take a coat hanger and hammer the tip to flatten it out some...should fit in there and turn the release. Good luck.
The common key looks like this...

Most interior are easily "carded". Probably easier than finding something to push in or right sized screwdriver. Use a old credit card and slide between the frame and the door knob push and pull the door while pressing/sliding the card against the bolt. With a little practice it can be done in a couple of seconds...
this happened to me a while ago( a 5 year old luck it from inside) i tried every thing i could and i end up using a flat screw driver put it in the crack pushed to the right and it opened, i used towel so it won't damage the paint. a little damage but not noticable!

good luck!
Thanks for all of the suggestions! I tried a few of them, but for some reason could not get the knob to unlock. This doesn't suprise me as I was so frazzeled.

I finally took the electric screwdriver and took the whole dang door knob off like some crazy woman!

Not to go clean up the kitchen floor as the child ripped open a brand new thing of cereal and let it spill all over the floor. The fun never ends.........