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Hi fellow 'busa pilots...a plea for help from a 'new to the board' UK rider. I've bought a set of LED indicator bulbs for my 2002 'busa to use with my clear alternative lenses. The only problem is when fitted they flash way too fast and are bound to attract the cops attention (if the noisy cans, small plate or black visor don't first of all).

I've been told I need Load Resistors (or equalisers). What are they, how many would I need and where do I fit them? Electrics aren't my strong point (no sh*t sherlock) but if it's a simple case of snipping a wire or two and fitting them in, I should be able to manage it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
Welcome, I can't believe someone hasn't already given you a hand with this. Try this link to a similar problem with blinking lights on a Busa. I no its not exactly what you described but it should put you in the ball park. Keep reading the whole post as it will talk about your problem further down in the text. Hope this helps.............Ks
Sorry, I just noticed this topic -

KS is correct - a different flasher is exactly what you need.

The OEM flasher works on the basis of current draw. Since the typical LED arrays used in aftermarket lights draw less current, the flasher speeds up (this is backwards from most cars, by the way). The resistors that someone mentioned to you are used to draw more current, thereby making the blinker slow down.

The better solution is to install the "trailer" flasher, as the flash rate on this unit is independent of current draw. Take your existing flasher into, say, a NAPA so they can match the pin configuration. The number mentioned in the post that "KS" referenced is #552, but you should still take the existing one with you to be sure.

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Good luck

Thanks for the advice guys, just what I needed to cheer me up after my recent bad luck! Although I've already modified my 'busa quite a bit, it's only 2 months old, has done just 500 miles (due to bad weather and work commitments) and yet last weekend I managed to pick up a nail through the back tyre...and so I'm now out of pocket by £150!! Ain't life great sometimes...

I'll get some pictures of her posted as soon as I can.

Thanks once again.
Sorry to hear about your tire (tyre). Post some pic's when you get a chance............Ks

Message to amsctalx (or anyone else using a NAPA #552 flasher relay).

I've tried NAPA but with me being in the UK they can't (won't) help as they don't ship abroad and so they advise me to visit a local store in the US (which is a fat lot of use)!!

I have now found a place over here in the UK who think they might be able to help BUT they have asked for the details on this NAPA unit (all the other places I've tried over here reckon I'll have trouble finding such a unit in the UK).

I've passed on to them the advice received already regarding how it works (thanks guys) but was now wondering, if you have one of these relays, please can you tell me of any specification markings on it?

As I said before, electrics ain't my strong point so apologies if all this sounds really dumb...! I know I could go down the 'load resistor route' but I would much prefer to just get a unit I can plug in that's it all sorted...

Hey Vodkaboy, I like your name.

You can avoid all of this headache by using bulbs and selling your LEDs to someone else. I found a great set of bulbs that will work just like stock AND they don't show up behind the Clear turn signals. Read my post froma week ago about this at:

If this link doesn't work look up: "Clear turn signals and Tail lights" posted on 4-2-03. It will fix your problem and be cheaper too. Let me know if you agree or if you prefer the LED's
Thanks for the advice Sierraflyer, it might just come to that!

I have seen the silver effect bulbs advertised over here in the 'boy racer' car mags so I can get hold of them no problem.