List of bikes u guys crashed


Went to a CR500 from a KX125 figured 250 power to weight ratio was not enough after riding one. Hit first jump a table top hit like i did on the 125 gasing it at bottom of ramp and the thing stands straight up 10 o'clock while on ramp. I go off jump bike is now at 12 noon I come off the bike let go cause no way to land my new bike. The cazy thing was the bike landed then leaned to the left & crashed on side in some brush but nothing bad. I was like huh while picking myself up from the dirt well that sucked. Second time I was showing off for all the neighbor hood kids as I drew a small following with that bike. The bike was a monster and I owned it by now. It had so much power that if you caught a large rock the rear tire would pull the whole thing out of the ground or slice half a knobby off. I had never taken the CR out when it was wet though. I hit the straight away power slid the left hand turn at the end & hit a long looping trail that kind of turn back to where you started. There are like 15-20 kids cheering on the side as I display great skill ridding a wheelie while turning at speed & I catch a mother of a rock which does't follop out of the ground and flips me over in quick fashion hard. I get up surprized & full of pride that can't be and there is a crowd mind you not going to have that. I ride around with right handle bar going in the wrong direction which didn't give me any pause (hard impact cheap OE bars) loop around again ride perfect wheelie again & catch the same dam rock the same way and flip the bike a second time in spectacular fashion. Learned never to even think about taking that thing out if it rained the day before & bought some new red Renathal bars.


Not done 3rd crash. Went riding with a carded/sponsored pro rider. We went to the sand pits where you may encounter bikes, quads, 4x4 trucks anything. Friend is Chris P. he rides a honda 125 and shows me around once then we start getting after it all maner of jumps & I am keeping up with him every where but can't fully commit to climbing straight up sand dune face go off corner jump that you have to turn left in air table top while clutching & hitting rear break to kick rear end up & over small back of same hill/jump land then down to bottom. I was doing it mind you not as good as a pro rider who is familure with the place. I start feeling pretty good since I am on a 300pd CR500 with a 5 gallon tank not a 125 race bike. I mean we go over to another section & it is a giant bowl that you drop into that is like a 3 story drop then circles around to a small log jump at speed and you rocket to the top jumping out the top. At one point he stops turns & says listen if you are not sure you can do this don't even try this. I feel a little offended having done everthing as well as him. He pulls away to continue boss just walked in.


So watch him pull away there is an odd hill about7 -8 feet high 2 with tall point shaped camel humps about 4ft apart. He goes vertical up the 1st hard kicks the rear end upward while turning left evens bike out then lands with the frame on top of second hump with rear wheel in between both peaks looks back at me then throws dirt to get out of hole & down other side. I am in disbelief & say out loud F U Chris that is why you're a pro & I'm not F--- you then ride around it real slowly. I figure i am going to Have fun doing my own thing cut across flat up the middle of the main pit that is huge 3rd gear very comfortable as i ride a steep pit at home. I know the top levels off flat. Like this is going to be awesome 3/4 way up crest the top flick it right side ways into a flat table top & see the top is flat but all i see is crevices running threw all of it (like made by water)passing under me. I stand bike back up sailing through air completely sideways accepting that this is going to hurt. I end up landing in a V shaped crevice perfectly sideways slamming my left side into the hard ground wall. The bike is wedged in with my left leg stuck between it & the side i am ok was lucky but can't free the leg & the top was lik 3ft above my head. I am screwed but not freaking out yet kind of deserved it. Like that would be why nobody had tried that. Some how 3 or 4 guy including Chris were up that hill in very little time, thought i was dead knew the deal when seeing me rip up there i guess. They were just there above me all of a second pulling me free then it took all of us to pull the heavy bike out it was only 4 or 5 minutes alone but i was never so happy to see people & they didn't even know me except Chris.
Remind me never to let you borrow my bike....
Don't worry was a long time ago was 21 and full of testosterone. As and oncore we rode out to rode & I told Chris that is what you do! This is what I like to do! Then rode wheelies up the road parralel to train tracks for the length of the road about 11 times 1st-5th power shifting from seated position to fully extended standing. Stopped after realizing going 89mph or so with no real gear execpt helemet & gloves figured not going to be good if I ever did go down. Pulled back to lot Chris just looked & said you are CRAZY! So maybe you would be right not to lend me a bike? No really I am more protective/paranoid with anything owned by someone else. Normally I will not even accept such an offer very rare.


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Only one bad one in about 40 years. I got rear ended on a Yamaha Zuma while stopped, waiting to turn left. Police estimated the Corolla was going about 45 mph. It knocked the scooter out from under me and down the street about 100 feet. Meanwhile I flew back into the windshield and flipped over the car, landing in the street behind it. I still have the scooter with a new back wheel, tire, shock and assorted plastics. Tough little sucker :)
Had a CR500 when I lived in Alaska. They are named a widow maker for a reason. Worst wreck with it was when the base gasket blew and it maxed rpm, on the ramp........ 8broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. still had to walk it back and load it on the truck then drive myself to the hospital


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Had a CR500 when I lived in Alaska. They are named a widow maker for a reason. Worst wreck with it was when the base gasket blew and it maxed rpm, on the ramp........ 8broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. still had to walk it back and load it on the truck then drive myself to the hospital
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