Limited edition hayabusa


I have been told that they are making 12,000 of these "special edition" black Hayabusas. How many did they make of the regular paint schemes? 12,000 sounds like a whle bunch to be a limited edition.
Dealer rep. say no changes other than paint/frame color.
My dealer has one scheduled for June. I could probably have it if I wanted it. Trouble is, black is a shitty color for New England's fickle weather. I wouldn't lose any sleep thinking about a Busa just because it's black. Now if they did some different horsepower mods or...
Not to be a nay-sayer, but 'big deal'. Black is a bitch to keep clean, plus if y'all have owned any black vehicle, you know how much heat they absorb. Also, why didn't they go the extra yard and put on black pipes - Harley is even doing that on some of their models. Last but not least, I don't think making it black made it invisible to radar, so . . .
Hey everybody... I am brand new here... I just ordered my (first) Busa and it's one of those Limited edition ones.... the dealer or the rep couldn't tell me anything other than it's black and it'll be here in May.  I have a friend that works for Suzuki USA and he will have info at the beginning of April all about it He said that each dealer only get's one).  I figured that I would take the leap of faith..... it can't be all bad... it's still a 'Busa, right?
Any new info on the Limited Edition Black 'Busa. I recently got my 2002 CBR954RR stolen and am looking to upgrade to the 'Busa. I heard about the black version and am thinking about getting it. My dealer won't get one until July but has a good price. Might be worth the wait.