Limited edition busa


Well, I called the dealer yesterday, and he called suzuki, then called me back about the LE busa.

Heres what he told me. The LE busa has solid black body, black swingarm and black frame. That is the ONLY difference, all just cosmetic. There are no special features added. The LE Busas are expected to cost around $500 more than a normal busa. There is also no set release date.

( i felt a new topic should be started rather than continue about LE under '03 busas.)

I still perfer silver/silver so im gonna get that one
I have an LE on order... supposedly. It was supposed to be here "sometime in May" which, quite obviously, has passed. The dealer said that Suzuki is officially releasing them this week - but didn't know when he was getting mine.

As far as price, it was the exact same as the Blue/black one I was trying to buy when I heard about the LE. The dealer(s) that are in East TN, western NC, and northern GA would not go below $10,200 no matter what. They are asking high and getting it. On the flip side... I could go buy 1 of 5 ZX12R's in the 1 Kawasaki shop I went to, and they are really ready to deal. Hmmmm that old supply and demand thing