Limited Edition 06?

Big Bo

A buddy of mine was at a service station and met a guy on a Silver 06 LE. Guy told my buddy that the Silver LE is VERY LIMITED. That most Busa owners don`t know about the VERY LIMITED bikes. Also only 5-6 are released per state.

Also his bike hit 214mph, has a 4 into 1, and a pc.

I said that I doubt it, but I thought that I would ask?


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Yep its true, the dealer was supposed to tell him not to let the secret out though or everbody would know it and update to the limited edition Busa's.  Some people just cant keep there mouths shut. Well since he opened his mouth we will let you in on the secret.

The LE's have a very high tech special paint that cuts through the air better than anything in the world. Cuts the CD ( coeffient drag ) down from .436 stock to .00000012 with the special paint. Much much faster.

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Big Bo,

Like Country Music Sensation George Strait Sings:

“I Got Some Ocean Front Property In Arizona, And From My Front Porch You Can See The Sea.  And If You Believe That I’ll Throw The Golden Gate In Freeâ€￾!



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holy toledo he bought a rare one indeed.
i would have to make an educated guess and say there were more like 1 per world made like that one.


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He was telling the truth. Those bikes exist.

I saw an article in the May '06 issue of Cycle World and it mentioned that bike. I think it was called the PLE Busa. Pathalogical Liar Edition Busa.
what a minute can you guys smell that???

YEH I smell it

Hey I know what that smells like TOTAL BULLSH*T!!

sounds like you guys have had way too much
There is no such bike, even if there were, he didn't hit 214 on it without SERIOUS modification. Don't believe all you hear about a Busa, it's a bike, not God.


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(Mr Brown @ Oct. 03 2006,08:14) Don't believe all you hear about a Busa, it's a bike, not God.
What its not a God?!
guess i'll stop praying to it

& put down the sacrafice....


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