License plate cost

I live in Ontario (Canada) and the cost of registration is $42 for my busa.  The car is around $70.

By the way, what Zef forgot to mention is that the cost of registration he is talking about INCLUDES INSURANCE!!!  Quebec has a government-run insurance system for personal injury.  They do not however cover material damages (you still need your own insurance for that).  My understanding is that the total of the state-run insurance, the private insurance and the true registration cost is comparable to what it is in Ontario.  

It is also true that the cost in Quebec is going up over the next few years.  However, the cost had not increased since about 10 years.

My .02
Most of it is true... altough what we hear as "insurance included" is not entirely true...

One still need to insure the vehicule for its own collision damage, damage to others and other vehicules and all...  What the government insurance covers is physical injuries suffered from road accidents.

That's why we the motorcyclists, specially sport riders, are often blamed that we cost a lot to the government funds because of course of riders in bad shapes after motorcycle accidents.

Anyway, i believe there are ways the government could educate the riders to prevent "easy to avoid" accidents, instead of just rising the costs of this and that. Some things like a progressive license inspired from Japan maybe. I think they believe the more expensive riding a bike will be, the less riders their will be on the roads and therefore the less accidents!

Slowly, it will kill the sport...

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My registration and tags here in Knoxville, Tennessee are $62. $36 of that is the wheel tax for Knox County.