LE or wait for 2004?


Hi guys,

First post, so be gentle...  

I'm stationed in Germany and am ready for a new bike (let's assume it's a 'Busa). Now, here's the deal:  

I really, REALLY like the all black SE, and can get a new 2003 on the economy for about $13,000 (yes, I know that's outrageous, but the Dollar is weak against the Euro, so...).  On the other hand, I can get a new US-Spec 2004 when it comes available for about $11,200 (hey, shipping here isn't free!).  Of course, it won't be all black

Now, the LE is obviously Euro-spec and will need some stuff here and there to be US legal when I come home.  It's a beautiful bike, and would be worth it to me.  Really should only be a speedo issue, as Euro bikes are fitted with catalyzers so US emissions tests would be a breeze.

The question is obvious: what are your suggestions?  I know that it's my $$$ and all, but I'm looking for general oppinions.

BTW: does ANYONE know what the '04 color schemes are?
nobody will know anything untill Sept 20th on the '04.
So it is either wait till Nov/Dec for a new Busa or get one and go riding.
The main difference between German and Us models is speedo and wattage of light bulbs and I beleive a long rear fender
So far I have heard there with be a change in the style of the body panels. So maybe if you wait you will like the new type better, and if you dont, you may get a better deal on a 03 busa
If the 2-year trend keeps up, I don't think there will be any change until 2005, other than color. The schemes should remain the same.
Welcome to the board MO......if you wanna wait anyway.....it may be worth it.
The 04 could be better.....we'll have to wait and see..
Thanks to msf and jwcfbd for the welcome.

Well, I think the general consensus is: wait a see the changes to the '04 and make the choice then.

It's tough to do. The LE is just sitting in the showroom waiting for an owner (I know - we've had some through-window conversations) ;) and it's perfect weather for riding here right now!

But that kind of money doesn't come easy, and I want to have no regrets after the purchase, so... Wait it is.

Who knows: maybe they'll have another black-framed monochromatic bike for 2004?!