Layed the busa down


I went to infinion tonight, and went up to the light (after a burnout). Brought it up to 4-5 grand and let her rip. It swung all the way to the right and then to the left then went down, luckily I put the frame sliders on yesterday. So it basically got rubber all over the bike and have to touch up a couple of spots. Does anyone know someone who paints. Well after I got the nerve back up I went and made some more passes, I babied it out of 1st (spun bad), nailed 2nd (spun bad), hit 6,000 rpms in 3rd and it started spinning. So I am going to put the new sticky tire on it and then move it in 2"'s to 5"'s extended and then take it out there and try it again. The best I ran was 11.8. That was with spinning through 2nd, 3rd, and I short shifted at 4,000rpms out of 1st. I will let y'all know what is going on after I run it again.
If your going to do it, That is the right place! More importantly my friend your OK!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Sorry to hear of your drop, but you are OK and the Busa sounds cosmetic, that is GOOD. I had my first drag experience last weekend, and it was FUN! I only got 11.1 on my Turbo, but is was running like poop and died on the third pass....

I am in Tulare (sp?) now, soon to be in Yosemite. YEAH!
Rich, glad to hear it only has minimal damage.
Your bike seriously spun in third on a track?
How much do you weigh, and how much pressure were you running in your rear tire.
Glad to hear you are alright man, the bike sounds like it is o.k. too. Thank goodness for the frame sliders I need to install mine keep putting it off need to get it done.
I weigh about 185 and Ya I hit 6000 rpms in 3rd and it started spinning and getting cock eyed so I let off a little bit. I ran a 11.8 that pass. I was running 22psi. It was the stock tire.
Glad your OK, Its nice to hear it wasnt a Squid accident on the street at a stop light(well i guess it was a stoplight but you get the point, hehe)
Wow 3rd gear spin what have you dont to your bike for mods. I ran about 20 Lbs in my rear tire on my 1100. Do they use traction compound? I also would only spin my tire enough to clean it off. If you get a stock tire to hot it gets slippery. Get some tire soak stuff
Hey Rich,

sorry to hear about you laying it down.. sounds minor on damage though and that's good! if you need someone who can paint the scratched areas so you don't have to replace the fairings, i know a great place in Oakland. they did my whole bike and they do great work. saw 3 Busa's coming and going while mine was getting done. one was just a touch up job after going down. couldn't tell after they had finished it... if you would like the information, send me a PM and i will forward it to you!!!

Good luck!

I went to the hospital and had like 20 x-rays taken, they said that it looks like my shoulder dislocated and when it went back in it fractured my socket. I will find out on monday I have to get a ct scan.
I weigh about 185 and Ya I hit 6000 rpms in 3rd and it started spinning and getting cock eyed so I let off a little bit.  I ran a 11.8 that pass.  I was running 22psi.  It was the stock tire.
First off I'm glad that your O.K. and that the bike had minimal damage...It's sounds to me as though your letting your rpms drop way to low for the track...Almost like your trying to wheelie or something...Others and jump in at any time and you want hurt my feelings at all...But your rpms should be really high while swapping gears at the track like near 10 grand...Being so low sounds like the problem...
OMG! Hope it comes out OK bud. Will you still be at the track this SAT & Sun? - Kent
I've been told by drag racers to stay off the flack on the track when running street tires as compounds dont mix and can actually get slippery. I ran only once so far but ran on the far outside edge, but gotta watch for debris.

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