Infineon Raceway


I to went to the track tonight. It was real slick as Rich said in his post. My first two runs I spun the rear all the way through third gear. Low 11's in the first two runs. Let some air out of the rear and heated the tire up and i then ran 10.7 - 10.8 for the next 8 runs. I ended up being the 2nd fastest bike at the track. Felt bad for Rich, at least he didn't get hurt.
Thanks Jimbo. It was slick. I am going to get it going and try it again. I liked the high mount exhaust that you had on the bike. Looked real good.
I'm leaving for there at 6am Sat. Is it raining down there? Oh and anyone need a ticket. I have 1 extra for each day Fri-Sun and what do they do in case of rain?
- Kent
hey Kent,
it is raining out here and suppose to be raining tomorrow all day. it should be all dried up by sunday morning

Ya I just got done watching the weather and it is supposed to be raining on saturday and dry up on sunday.
This post is directed at Hawaii and Sierra flyer..and other.Org Members who may be at Infinion this weekend..Sheez..just bought a house..have not moved in yet...Wish i could be there on least..leave sunup..home berfore sundown
But it's still a "Ben"........BUT..will be at Laguna 03....CYA there..
Its 5 am on Sat and soggy all over DAMN!!!!!!! anyway we are trailering the bikes down should be a fun ride back ... i hope.... DAMN!!!!! I thought I left the rain in Hilo! DAMN!!!!!!!

Better not rain at Laguna! or I'm gonn a bust!
I was going through some pictures that my daughter took at the drag races and found two of you. Thought you might like to see them.

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i should be out there by 9am. i will call you on your cell so that i can meet you.