Kinda like the gsx-r1000


I went to the Suzuki shop the other day to check out the Busas they had. Next to one was a GSX-R1000. I have to say that thats a damn fine bike. What do you guys think about the pros and cons between the two? (Busa and GSX-R1000).
I do notice that in any significant wind, the busa gets a little saucy. I also looked at the gixxer but I'd say that if your looking at any kind of road use, the 1000 might be a little more squeamish than I would want for 2 or 300 miles - just a thought.
I've ridden the 1000 a few times, but not really enough to form a solid opinion about it.

It is noticeably lighter as I've pushed them up ramps with ease. It definitely lacks on the torque in comparison with the busa. I like the instant power of the busa compared with having to rev the 1000 before it kicks in. For the track, it's designed to spec.

What I like about the busa so much is it's all-around design It has effortless power, it's comfortable for long rides, it can corner very well (with pro-racers, the 1300 does not fall very far behind 1000 when pushed into corners).

As much as I have been exposed, the 1000 delivers effortless wheelies. I think if I had started on a 1000 and later ridden a busa, I'd be trading up. Being the other way, though, I don't see myself ever trading the busa for a 1000. Maybe as a second bike, but never a replacement.
I'll start by saying I've never riddent a 1000, but I have ridden a 750.

If I lived my life in corners, or did frequent track days, the 750 would be in my garage. In my opinion the power of the 750 was perfect, and the power of the 1000 would just never be used/needed through most turns unless you are a pro. I think most of us would have to be concerned with lifting the front before we were out of the turn.

But, my riding consists of a lot of commuting to work, and weekend/evening rides through the country twisties.  I go plenty over the speed limit, but there are plenty of dogs, chickens, name it around here, so you really never go balls to the wall.

Also, I do alot of highway driving, and I appreciate the weight of the busa through high speed traffic, wind gusts from semis etc., although, because of the full fairing, a nice crosswind can really make ya open your eyes

So, that being said, for me, the Busa was the clear choice.  Awesome power at 4k around town, and still handles quite quickly through the turns that I do.

I guess it boils down to what you plan on doing with the bike mainly... Kinda funny, "Should I get the Ferrari or Lamborghini?  Decisions Decisions".  
I had the same dilemma as you, nice dilemma i might add
but i choose the busa as it was a more user friendly rideable bike. I love the low down torque, anything over 2000rpm and it picks up in any gear. Anything over 3500 it rockets up in any gear. The busa was more comfortable for long rides, i do carry passengers a lot of the time and it's better for them. I don't do many track days nor twisties but when i go the busa is fine. I don't really do wheelies and liked the fact that the busa can rocket in a straight line without the worry of keeping the front down. The 1000 is nice and i'd love to have one for the sake of it but it looks like any other sportsbike out there

The main choice for the busa was it's such a f@#$%g fastasic looking bike.