Kid riding?


Hey guys I was just wondering at what age did you let your kids start riding your busa or other streetbike you had at the time. My stepson is 11 and would probably love riding but even easing him into the experience sort of has me worried about him possibly falling off. I'm sure I'm just over stressing it too much but since he technically isn't mine I would catch hell if he got hurt. I'd love to hear any experiences you guys have had. Thanks
Well, I got a youth helmet for my son and was taking him to school in the 4th grade on my bike, but it was only a couple of miles. He loved it.
I take my cousins for rides (8-14 ages) always have gear and they have been riding dirt bikes since they could walk. Nothing long just down to taco bell and back and short stuff like that
My daughter and I started riding together when she could reach the rear pegs. She was 7.

i started my kids infront of me at 6 months... up and down the driveway... street...not till they could reach the pegs
Like chief, I started by taking my stepson back and forth to school. He was 3rd grade??? If you're that worried about it get a Corbin seat with passenger backrest. I have also seen a child's belt before, you wrap the belt around both you and the child so they can't slide off. Option 3 is no fun, go buy a Goldwing so you know he can't fall off.
I have asked that question before a few times, mostly to officer friends on what their opinion is legally.

While the law seems to be a bit unclear, most opinions are when they can comfortably reach the foot pegs.
I agree with most here about the age where they can reach the pegs is a good place to start their riding on the street. As far as when they can ride period, I see little kids on dirt bikes when they are really small so never to early to get them interested in riding.

One of the worst things I've seen is a squid riding with a little kid on the back just as squidly as he was. Shirts and shorts on both of them on the street not in a neighborhood or the like. :banghead:
My 11 year old is already 5' so it won't be any issue for him to reach the foot pegs. I wouldn't do anything but short trips until he and I both felt confident in him being on the back. Thanks guys.
My daughter is 12. While I have desperately wanted to take her for a ride, I have not felt she yet understands about hanging on, so without a backrest I won't take her on my Busa. I have ridden her around the block on my Harley but that's the extent of it (she loves it). My wife also rides, but she's our only child and neither of us could bear if she got hurt. About the ONLY reason I still have my harley is for those brief rides around the block with my daughter. In the next year or so, I'm going to gear her up and start venturing out further.

It is very adult of you to consider the wishes of the child's real father as you are the stepdad and he may object. While that's not a conversation YOU need to have with him, it is one that the child's mother needs to have, and you should respect his wishes regardless of her relationship with him; If he's involved in his child's life, then you should respect his wishes, as you'd want the same if the situation was reversed.
I can understand people wanting a backrest for their kids, but I can't see it helping the situation. If you are in control of the throttle, there is no real way they can "fall off" without actually wanting to. Have you taken your arms off the bars while riding at 70mph? You don't just fall off the bike, and they will have you as a blocker for the wind. The backrest is a piece of mind, but I can't see it making any real world difference. When they need to hold on is during evasive maneuvers and a backrest isn't going to help that at all. As far as strapping them to the rider like LilCharlie mentioned, there is NO WAY I'd do that. Think of what would/could happen if you did crash..
I disagree Bots. Strapping them on not a good idea for sure, but a backrest helps provide stability.
I don't think it's an age answer but as in most things a child to child question. I have a friend that has had his daughter on his bikes since she was a baby. Talks about how she use to sleep on his tank. I think he's nutz. My step daughter was 5 or 6, just easing around town in moms helmet. She has taken several hour road trips with me and says she likes it. Took her through the dragon this year.

From a little later perspective on kids riding:

Helped / bought my son / sons a bike early on. Alex and Jay (Tiller) ride pretty well.....and eventually the students become the ride better than the old guy teacher.

Two schools of thought with kids on this imho: He!! no my kids are never going to ride motorcycles OR I'm going to teach them how to ride right while I still have some amount of influence in their lives. I chose the latter and have yet to be disappointed.

Had Alex riding the Virago and Jay on the 450:


Depends a lot on the kid too. I got my grandson a 110cc Quad when he was 4. Adjustable throttle and remote shut off. Started him with just enough throttle to make it move. Turned it up a little every couple weeks. Waiting for him to flip it over or fly off the thing. He did. And that needs to happen. He was on grass. And geared up. But it still shook him up enough to realize that he and the Quad had limits. When he turned 5 I got him a small dirt bike. The learning curve there was much faster. He is almost 7 now. I have been taking him on my Busa all Summer. I really didn't have to tell him a thing but get on. This has caused one problem. My daughter wants to know where all these toys were when she was growing up...
Two of my sons were able to reach the pegs when I had my ZX14 and they would ride with me. Now all three can. My oldest and middle son enjoy it the most. My middle son has no fear or worries, he just hangs on and yells out, this is so fun!! I dont ride very fast with them on the back, or get in the throttle too much.