Just like Christmas


I just got my new alpinestar boots, gloves, suzuki leather riding jacket, suzuki tech riding pants, Yosh EMS box, new chain, new undertail, tire hugger, arai helmet, yellow box, indiglo gauges.  Just waiting on the stuff to lower it, and extend it, and still have to order the k&N.
I wish. There is somemore that I am going to order (hopefully befor laguna!&#33
I would like to get a set of chrome rims and polish the frame. We will see how that works out.
No doubt...That should be "Richie Rich"...doing the damn thang...
actually puck I just got back from TDY and got my perdiem check!! I get the tax check here soon. oh ya
I like perdiem checks, but I hate it when my wife gets to it first.  She's the smart one, wants to do silly things like pay the bills and buy food.  

I need that money for Busa parts.