Just hit 20k


Well haven't gotten a chance to do much riding this season with the new job but managed to hit the 20,000 mile marker and was wondering if there is any preventive maintenance that should be done around this time beside the usual oil change I've already done I'm due for new brake pads, any suggestions anyone?
Brake fluid, clutch fluid, fork oil / seals, plugs, and an air filter and you'd be all set.
Rubb says trade it, I say ride it. My plugs have more miles on them than your bike :laugh:
So far so good only thing I've done since I owned her was regular oil changes new sprockets and chain. Just thinking long term I don't wanna have problems that could have been prevented:banghead:
Valve adjustment and coolant should have been been already, if not then I would look into that
Just about there on my 08, right at about 19,200 and have just done simple maintenance without any issues so far (plugs, air filter, oil changes), other than the rectifier taking a crap the first year
35k on mine and I hadn't done much but oil, pads and filters... and coolant, the only reason was I had to replace a crushed radiator..... buy a Coxx gaurd, just say'n :laugh:


Damn... No one here is doing valve adjustments these days? Are y'all atleast checking the clearances?