Just dropping in


To say hi. Have not been here in what seems like forever. Truth is I have been beyond busy with the lawn care business, and I dont feel much like sitting infront of a computer after a long day.

Day starts at 7am, and ends by 8pm if I am lucky. Good for business, and if I was looking for a way to get a good nights sleep I have found it. :beerchug:


Michelle owns my Busa
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Good to hear the biz is doing good! Stop by any time!


Welcome home! It has been a while. We were going to send out a search party, but you're back now. I'm glad your business is working out for you. :beerchug:


Hooch Master
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You forgot about the texting :laugh:, glad your doing well with the business :thumbsup:


Seasoned Beef
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Told you the rain would bring you business. Hope everythings going as well as possible for you :thumbsup:


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grats on the steady employment... may hay while the rain shines


You forgot about the texting :laugh:, glad your doing well with the business :thumbsup:

Oh yeah I do a good bit of texting. I have gotten so good I can make a turn on the mower with out missing a beat while texting lol..

I have a lot of before and after pics on the cam I will try to up load when I get a free minute. I am doing a yard this weekend that is the worse I have ever seen. I thought I could knock down the back with a saw blade on the brush cutter but that was a no go. I ended up having to rent one of the brush mowers. I kid you not, when I forst got the job the 6 foot privacy fence in the back could not be seen. The hedges in the front were taller then the house, and the grass ( what little there is) looks like it was cut with some kind of midevil torture tool.. As of right now it looks ok, customer wont put the money in to resod the entire lawn, so I have ot work with what I got.

I will get pics ASAP, or at least as soon as I can remember ot get the camera out of the truck.

ALSO, I cant find one, but maybe one of you can. I am looking for a lap top mount for a 1998 Ford Ranger. Anyone know if they make them for that year?
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