Just don't get it, retail pricing sts


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I'm leaning in the direction of the sts for the trailer to go down to the dragon. I was looking around and they have a ebay store and you can pick it up from them direct for 209/obo or buy if from their direct site for 249..

I wonder how low they will go for it. I mean if its directly from them why not shoot the moon. If I pull the trigger, I will post up what they accept for it
Can't figure out what OP is talking about. Sorry. Anything to do with trailers though, I would be interested. Can anybody enlighten me?
Sorry about that. Based off of the title I just don't understand why companies have a retail sale and have internet pricing then have a eBay store and sell their item even cheaper than you can get it from their site. Why would you even bother buying it direct ststands.com when you could buy it for at least $40 less through sts's eBay store.
On a side note, I'm getting really excited for the dragon!
Ahh the light dawns. I agree with you; it's kind of screwy unless the ebay ones are seconds or overstock items. I'm ready for the bash, too. See you!
What the heck are you guys talking about? Strapless stands?
I went to the site. Yes STS stands..

DO yourself a HUGE favor.. Send a PM to HondaEastJustin and have him quote you a Pitbull trailer restraint! WAY better design, just ask around. And his price will make you smile! :)