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The HEAT is on in Miami!

Game one East finals, overtime, two secs left, one point down, game on the line....
Hey....! No prob......


Hey Pacers...:moon:
Man, that was a great game from start to finish (minus all the turn overs from both clubs). Every time the Heat were looking like they were going to go on one of their trade mark runs the Pacers were able to play tough D and lock em' down. A 3 at the end of regulation in Labrons face to put it in overtime...I was all like, dang it!!!! All Labron could do was make a pissed off face and watch it go in. I didn't like the call on Wade in the end to give the Pacers 3 shots from the foul line (which gave them the go ahead point with 2.2 seconds left)....it was a BS call but so were some the Heat got throughout the game. It just sucks to have a BS call like that in a critical moment of the OT. King James did his thing and showed why he is the MVP.

My personal feeling is that neither Memphis or San Antonio can stop either one of these two East teams. I don't think the Final will be nearly as close as these Eastern Conference Finals. I'm picking the Heat in 6 or 7.

Miami has won something stupid like 46 of their last 49 games. If you go look at the last 3 losses they have its against East teams (Pacers and Knicks). These Pacers are the best young team around and they beat Miami 2 games to 1 when they played in the regular season. Its going to be a fight to the end for sure and I think at some point the Pacers will take a lead in this series before Miami wins. I hope I'm wrong and Miami wins in 4 but this Pacers team is tough!

What? No Spurs fans here????

LeBron stuffed dat white bwoy! He said 'you ain't dunking in ma house Mo Fo!!'

Somehow reminds me of Elton John, 'get back honky cat'! :laugh:
Not a spurs (except right now) fan but way less a fan of Players making their own teams. Nice to see Miami take a Prison Pounding last night! Mo Fo aint doing $hit against the spurs thats for sure!
Dang we got spanked!!!
It's ok. Only got to win one to bring it home.
We all know since its Sterns last yr this is going seven games.
With 10 dollar beers and 12 dollar pizzas to be sold as well as all the advertising money it's going all the way.
Game 4 goes to the Heat, any takers that the Spurs take game5 and the heat take game 6 to set up the All or nothing game 7??? Is it just me or does it seem like these series are going to game 7's a lot more than in the past? Are more teams evenly matched now than before or just another networking gimmick to milk out more money and TV ratings?? :whistle:
That was a good game. These two team are very evenly matched. The spurs are a better 3 point team and the Heat are better in the paint. I think these series will be determined by how well Miami plays, not the spurs. No body can beat Miami when they are firing on all cylinders, when there hot it's on both ends of the floor. When they play average ball the spurs will take them so the real question is can Miami fire on all four cylinders for four games? If so they will have the hardware again this year.

The Spurs play very well together, it's actually very impressive how well......but. LeBron is superman and that heat team feeds off of that. He needs to stop trying to be a "team player" and drive the damn ball. The Heat team is not as good as it was last year so he needs to act more like he did in Cleveland. Wade is old and broken, bosh is big but not strong enough. The big 3 is really the big 1.

Lets go heat!!!!!