Just back from Diels Gap


Whata riot. Diels Gap is a blast..the Busa handled actually very good for its weight and my lower riding ability. I have posted my problem of jerking and coughing at low rpms on the other forum but other than that it performed great. I went thru the rest of my tires in 5 runs...balled up rubber on the edges and cords showing on the center. I also ran south 28 off highway 19 and the foothills many times. Its posted 45rpm...bah!...we ran it 90-110, and you could go faster but hard to see around the corners far enough to stop if someones blocking the road. We saw very few police and the traffic was light...no cars on Tuesday in the foothills (Smokey Mountains). I couldnt decide on running 1st gear or 2nd. But the rear tire was getting hosed out of the corners in 1st so after a few runs I decided to clutch 2nd and that worked ok...except for the fuel/mapping issues jerking me all over. The traffic around that area is very considerate to bikers they pull over quickly and let bikes past. I think they like seeing us rip past and run thru the twisties in front of them. One rider went off the road in Diels on Saturday...but wasnt seriously hurt, bike was wadded. My friend got run off the rode by a dumbass in a Miata tapping his ride thru the Gap with one hand driving with the other!!! We would have reported him to the police but my friend didnt get a plate and there was a lot of Miatas on Sat. Well any questions just ask...the total trip cost me 620$ for 6 days...gas/food/hotel included.
no....just of my friends..we tried to stop at a few points to take pictures but we were having to much fun to stop riding long enough...and the rain was a constant problem.
Well did you a least get a tee shirt or sweat shirt you know the ones that say 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch did you stay in the bungalos? Are they still there? Glad you had fun and a safe trip both ways
Deals Gap is by far the funnest road I have ridden. It is such a blast. I was up there a month or so ago and can't wait to go back with a new tire on the back and break it in right. Let's see some pics.
Bungalows are still there..the Tree of Shame also. They were busy and I did get some stickers and a t-shirt. They have a great apparel shop also. Tire changing station which I shouldve used...my cords were showing on the last day :-). We are already talking about going back in the fall. We have a few roads where I live in Grand Rapids, Mi that rock but none like the Dragon.

I was there this past saturday (no bike) but I was with a very sexy GREAT WOMAN that made me not miss my bike. I DID NOT REALIZE HOW CLOSE WE WERE to the Gap.

Very beautiful, yes the gap was beautiful also.