Juicebox-Hotbodies Megaphones-X-TRE


So I put an X-TRE in line, installed the Hotbodies Megaphone slip-ons, and a Two Brothers Juicbox is on the way. Loved the sound of the slip-ons, but blocked off the PAIR valve due to the backfire and now it's loud AND smooth. I've heard all the talk (PCV versus Juicebox), but the JB seems easier to install, program, and afford. Since I don't race my 2012 (except for light-to-light), I couldn't justify going with the Power Commander. I just want my Busa to have the available power of a Saturn-V rocket. Is that so wrong?
ECU editor or Woolich Racing Software. Get rid of the XTRE! Or find someone to take the limiters out and disable the pair valve using either software.
Get rid of the Juicebox and XTRE and use ECUeditor.....does a lot more than both of those and costs less... ;)
Have the Juice Box as well but going to have the the ECU reflashed by Schintz to see if I can wrangle anything more out of my set up; not that I really need it. I have a Z-bomb in place for the limiter and wonder if I can use the Juice Box to fine tune beyond the flash. I am simply guessing and may need to be educated about this.