JMV Body Work



Does anybody have som more pictures on the JMV front fender (with two air intake holes in it) to the Busa?
Please post it.
Anobody tried these?

Look at two pics on
The image didn´t attach....
Tries again. Maybe it was the file size.

Hi again.

The price is 230$..... not so bloody.

But still vant more pics on that thing. Looks like the forks are exposed to "whatever comes flying from the road" stones and poop. Busas original protects the forks - these doesn´t? OR?

Appealing! OK, so I would like to see the full bike effect. And who sells this?

Yeah right, I dunno where they think the brakes are but " to cool the front brakes" is really funny... Interesting but I don't think so...
It might force a bit more air down the backside of the brake assembly to cool the calipers, by letting air into the inside of the fender which would follow the curve of the rear part of the fender and exit above the calipers. But I agree it wouldn't do much for the rotors. I think it is mostly for show, but it does look cool.
the fender is a bit higher, thus leaving less room for lowering. unique look.

Revlis, think of where the air entering those scoops goes...... it does blow on the brakes.
Looks like an ideal application for road racing!
Hmmmmm... it looks cool (pun intended). I wonder if it is higher and limits front end lowering as cache mentioned. Anyone know?