I've dropped a right bollock here

gordon holmes

after rebuilding my K8 ie putting all the panels back on after the winter service I forgot to put the cable which attaches to the rear seat lock and have put the seat back on.
Now I cannot get the seat off any one any Ideas on how to get the rear seat off without damaging anything please???
Man, that sucks. You could try using a wire coat hanger and go in from the side. If it'll help, I can go take a picture for you, so you know exactly what you're reaching for in there.

EDIT: The next post has a better idea...

I just had mine stripped down and put painters tape around both loops where the seat hooks in and both holes where it clips in at the rear. I've heard this story too many times.
Yep, easy fix. Remove the front seat, there are 4 push pins that hold the tail together where the rear seat meets the front seat. Remove those push pins and you will be able to reach the locking mechanism to remove the seat. Hang on and let me see if I can find a picture.
Here we go, check out this thread and picture. https://www.hayabusa.org/forum/gen-ii-busa-information/148918-08-tail-removal-how.html

Even better, James! :thumbsup:

Here's a couple more pics of what you're reaching for...


Best of luck. Because this happens so often when I remove the tail I just remove the whole lock instead of the cable. It has worked for me.
It's kinda nice on my street/drag bike, being so low I have all of that cut out to make room for the rear tire to move in and out. I can just reach up there and open it if I need to. :laugh:

Hi guys I have managed to remove my back seat what I did was I printed the photo what ChattanoogaBusa put on here for me I put a small wedge of wood in the left hand side of the seat I put the print of the seat on the top of my seat which aided me to direct the bent welding rod to the release catch thanks for all of your advice I have put the print of the seat on the wall in my garage next to my bike to remind me not to do that again.
thanks and kind regards to you all Gordon H.
Glad it worked, but if you remove the small plastic piece and 4 pushpins you can push the latch arm over with a long flatblade screwdriver.:beerchug: