Gen 1 forgot to attach rear seat catch cant get cowl back off



I stupidly forgot to attach the rear seat catch wire and put the cowl on that I cannot get back off.

I have read previous posts but my seat pod cowl fits really tightly and I can't see how I am going to get anything between to get at the catch.
I've tried bits of wire and a steel rule but the cowl and the bodywork it sits on has a lip.

Any ideas please, it's a standard year 2000 bike.

This has happened a few times in this board. Try a search. It should come up. It's been a few years for the Gen 1s. But it happened long before you.

There is a way to release it that doesn't do harm.
Most of us have done that at some point.
A wooden paint stirring stick makes it easy.
The arm that the cable attaches to is on the back side on a gen1.
So push the stick under the back of passenger seat, and you can use it to push the arm to the left, unlatching the rear seat or hump.
It's pretty simple once you figure it out.