Any one ever closed the rear seat withouth hooking the lock mechanism back up. My cousin but the rear cowl on before i was finished working any ideas on a way to get it off?
I think from memory, I read somewhere that if you take the front seat off, probe up underneath near the battery/ECU
and use a wire coat hanger or a long screwdriver or something you can trigger the latch
Other way is tap a small hole in the plastic under the seat fender and go fishing.
thanks man i am gonna shoot this kid i am getting ready just to cut the damn thing off and buy another one
tell us how you got it off so we can pass on the knowledge
got the seat off what i had to do was push the plastic feet in that hold the seat down in the front back and pull up on the seat until both of those were out of the little bracket they fit in to and then i could reach with a 10mm wrench and loosen the front bolt on the locking bracket. once i did that i was able to rotate the seat and get to the thing that slides to release the pegs
Whenever I take the rear off, I undo the two screws holding the locking mechanism to the frame instead of disconnecting the cable, it's just as easy and there is absolutelty no way you can lock the seat down by mistake
Another way is to remove the push-pull pins in the undertail. You can then lift up the rear fairing enough to slide a flat-head screwdriver in and push the locking mechanism and pop the seat off. I agonized over that one for about a day after doing some work on the bike and had to call the dealer's mechanic.
I know sooner or later I might have this same problem. But whenever I have the rear hump or seat off I make sure that I have my key and everthing is hooked up before I put them back on.