Its been a long journey


hello all,

well i finally have a computer and internet again. been 2 months with no tv or internet. moved out of our old house into the construction project on thanksgiving day (emma's first birthday!). upon moving in we have no kitchen and a "functional" bath. since i have finished the bath. added one. mostly completed the kitchen. put down flooring(what a biotch.) laid tile on the worst concrete floor in existance. took forever to float the tile. i am close to finished. i have about 14 sq ft of tile to lay mostly cuts in the laundry/mud room. i also have finish trim to do.

i got the home theater up last weekend and had the first weekend i felt like i was at home in a long time. since we took posession of the house in october i gutted the kitchen, bath and mud room. i will post pics asap. i re-wired and plumbed most of the house as well.

when we took posession there was piles of trash everywhere. we filled 3 20ft car trailers with 4' sides. along with several small trailers. oh yea cant forget about the 40 cubic yard dumpster we filled. that was before demo even started. we started clean up before we actually owned the property, but the lawyer said we could. all this happened while i was working 7 days a week and 10-12hrs a day. perfect timing huh!

oh well. life is good, i have a nice home on a half acre....and a job to pay for it.

so hello again all, its been a long 3 months, and im glad to be back.
:thumbsup: Sounds like it is finally coming together for you. Soon you will be able to enjoy it more. Working on a house is sooo much fun :laugh:
but worth it in the end :beerchug:
:welcome: back...that sounds like a lot of work but will be nice when you can sit back and enjoy it eventually!
thanks guys
i will get pics up as soon as possible. probably be tomorrow as im tired as heck right now. my 13 mo old daughter didnt sleep much last night. my wife was sick, so i was up all night. about to take a nap here at work to finish off my lunch...
Glad to see you back, Sounds like things are going good, Congrats.
hey guys. just a few questions...

trip to eureka springs? im looking at going with thapp from hutchinson. wandering if any of you are going from caps meet n greet? just looking for some info on the trip.

next up is track days down at hallet?

finally i know there will be a few track days this summer at heartland park of topeka. one of the guys i work with goes up there a few times a year. he said there will be one coming up in april. $10.00 all you can ride including pit use. not sure of any details yet, but that is a smoking deal for track time.:cheerleader: