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This past weekend we held the 4th annual NASA 25 hour Endurance Race presented by the US Air Force (25 Hour). So, I decide it's time to take Friday off work and drive up to the track to make sure everything is setup beforehand. Knowing I had to come back Friday night cause of my daughter's poetry contest I thought, heck, why not take the bike and have a fun trip!?!

From my house to Willows, CA is about 2 hours. I-80 to I-505 to I-5 (and drive 1 more hour)

At 7am there is NOBODY on the roads. So I cruised up I-505 somewhere between 110 and 130 the whole way. Did I mention it was somewhere around 45 degrees? Yeah, cold.

Then I got on I-5 and did the same till about Arbuckle where I slowed down to 95 for the S-curve. That's when Mr. California Highway Patrol came over the hill. <insert pucker>

10 minutes later he hadn't come up behind me so I figured all was good and I got away with it. I held back to 80 just in case. Then, there he is. On my arse with a red light. UGH!

I pull over and get out the ole driver's license. He walks up and says, "Consider this the last time I ever let you off. I clocked you at 95 and I assume you were only doing that cause of the town. Slow down." Then he went back to his car and left.

I had to get off the bike right there cause I was having trouble not fainting from disbelief. How lucky did I get?

No, to end the story, up the road about 30 miles I passed him again. Sitting on the side of the road. I waved as I went by at 69 mph and he waved back. Thank you sir. You made my holiday season brighter.


pretty lucky there


Quick, go get a lottery ticket. You aren't going to get much luckier! Oh, and a radar detector for the next time.


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That would NEVER happen here in New York. My son is a cop, so I can use that as an excuse to get away---one in awhile at least!!!!


I'm outta here!!!!
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He is obviously not trying to impress anyone. Thank your stars for getting a visit from a good one. Probably a fellow bike owner.

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