It could have been worse...i am lucky!


Time to open the pool again. But off to the DIY first for a 1/2 cap and some pvc pipe glue to fix the water faucet I broke off the deck that used to go to my pool slide.

I had to chip away some concrete on the deck before I could install the cap. After making room for the cap I applied glue to the pipe and the cap. I installed the cap and decided to tap the cap with my hammer to make sure it was on good. I did not realize some of the pvc glue had pooled around the pipe.

When I hit the cap...pvc glue splashed up and nailed me in the right eye. Holy CRAP - felt like my eye had been set on fire! Lucky for me I had turned the hose on to top the pool off with water. I immediately started rinsing my eye with water. After 15 minutes it felt like I still had something in my eye so the wife took me to the ER. The doctor flushed my eye with saline solution. They put dye in the eye and checked it with a black light. Lucky for me the cornea is not scratched. It could have been alot worse.

I wanted to share this with everyone and hopefully it will prevent another accident.. Wear your safety goggles!
Good grief! Sounds painful, but I'm glad you're okay...thanks for the warning!
VaBusa - It was very painful. Everything seems to be ok now. I have an appointment with my Eye Doctor today just to make sure.
Glad you're okay...hope it's not any permanent damage.
Glad to hear you're ok...
Safety glasses.  Being in construction we have to become very anal about remembering to wear them.  I wear them for most every outdoor activity anymore.  Since having Lasik surgery, I'm even more paranoid about it. Glad your accident turned out OK.


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I am a huge supporter of safety glasses, since my Colt IPSC race gun blew up in my face, the round in the chamber somehow went off before the chamber secured, and took the next 2 on the mag. Lead and brass in my hand and face, and even some embedded in my gargoyles. I remember the day I was in the indoor range, talking about glasses, the owner told me "you have a $3500.00 firearm, why would you wear $9.00 glasses?
Then he showed me the $200.00 gargoyles that can withstand a direct .22 shot. SOLD.
glad your ok.. I took a full shot of aircraft stripper to the face, If anyone know what that is or used for you know the pain i was in no serious markings .. but alot of peeling skin the next 3 days
glad to hear you are ok that must have hurt like hell. wher those glasses