It could have been me


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I was coming home yesterday afternoon and after making a right turn onto Shakespeare Blvd. from 355, I saw a full size pick up truck rear ended by a CR-V. I guess the pick up truck was waiting to make a left turn onto our neighborhood and the woman was probably on her cellphone and didn't notice the pick up truck. I can tell it just happened because they were just getting out of their vehicles as I was coming up. I can tell that it was a hard impact. The CR-V lost her front bumper, radiator fluid on the road and the hood was in bad shape. I'm thinking, if I was a few seconds early, that could have been me.
"Check 6" seems to be getting more important as the electronics mature. Used to be changing the radio station, now it's phones, e-mails, SMS, IM, Tweets, etc....

I think it will continue to get worse.