Is she cheating on me?


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I think my wife is cheating on me. She keeps leaving the house and tells me she is going out with her friends. When I ask who she says it is people from work and I don't know them. She keeps getting home later and later and her hair and make up is always messed up when she gets back. I let my phone batt die so I was going to use her and she freaked on me. Started screaming that I was spying on her and all this crap. Two nights ago, I took my bike out and parked it in the back (where she would not see it) and hid behind it to see who was going to pick her up. While down by the bike, I noticed some oil weeping out of the siteglass. Do you think I can fix this or should I take it to the dealer?


Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this.

How bad is it seeping through?
Well, we all know what is the first task at hand now don't we. Get that leak fixed right away...
Wag, I saw her the other night... with an 06 Busa! (I'll bet she's parking it at the neighbor's house so she doesn't have to share.)

At least she's not cheating with a Kawi!
proof yet again that....if it has tits or tires?...sooner or later it's gonna give ya problems...but the dif ya can fix.