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Hey Gang,

A number of people have gone down, or have had some close calls. Myself included.

In my case, it was an intersection where I've had a close call before. I was so sure that was going to get hit that I pointed the bike towards grass (on the side of the road) so when I went flying I wouldn't hit the pavement.

I probably missed the guy by 2-3 feet. I didn't sleep well that night as I was running through the whole event over and over. I went through the standard "Maybe I should sell the bike." thoughts as well.

What I'm trying to do is come away with something learned by all those who have gone down. For me, I'm going to have an "escort" when going through that intersection from now on. Two very close-calls is two too many.

Be safe out there, and if you do have an incident, try to learn from it. If you learn something, pass it on!
half full.
there's an even GREATER number of riders that have NOT gone done also.
I am with you Juggler. I was going to post up about the same thing. Between this forum and a couple other local ones I visit. I am noticing the same thing. Lots of bikes going down and close calls. Since my get off I am alot more paranoid. I will keep riding, of course, but just seems scary.
When possible, I always use cars as blockers through intersections whenver possible so if someone runs the light they will hit the car before ever hitting you. Don't be so quick to be the first off the line.
we've got too many women drivin around in there monster trucks not watchin the road out there. actually i think they dont see us because they cant see over the steering wheel.
I am thinking the same thing. I even posted it in a couple of threads. There have been a bunch of posts that have started with "I WENT DOWN TODAY". Scary!! Yes of course there are alot more guys who haven't gone down but.. Still alot to think about. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!
I had one tonight. We all took off on this country road and right as I was shifting from 3rd to 4th (WOT) I hit a little bump in the road and my handlebars where slapping side to side at 130-140 mph.