Is Hayabusa really the fastest?


So I know this is a biased environment, but what bike is faster out of the three? The GSXR is close in top speed. What about low end (0-100 mph)? The V-twin TL produces a lot of low end torque. Fastest off the line? Let the debate begin...
No debate. The busa is alot faster and quicker than the 1000. The 1000 will win in the curves. In my opinion the 1000 is alot more fun to ride but wouldn't hold under hard drag racing or high HP.
The only bike that gives a Busa a run for the money is the ZX12.  I ride with a 02 ZX and we have the same mods and geared about the same and it is very close.  Before I had the Busa I owned a GSXR 1000 and the ZX12 made me decide to trade it in for a Busa.  I was tired of getting beat on roll-ons and with my size the Gixxer just didn't have enough hp.  A small guy on a Gixxer with all the right mods would be a little scary, but at this point I have not found that combo to ride against!!
Funny you should ask...

Based on personal experience, the GSXR1K is close to the Busa in straight-line performance. It doesn't, however, have as much low-to-mid rpm torque as the Busa.

The TL-R? Not that close...I can pull on a TL-R at will, unless the TL-R has been extensively modified. Most stock TL-Rs make about 125-130 RWHP, and the Busa about 150-155. Based on published dry weights and HP numbers, the Busa makes about 0.32 HP for every pound of weight, and the TL-R about 0.30. The TL-R also has a higher center-of-gravity, great for wheelie-ing, but less helpful for acceleration.

If your primary concern were off-the-line performance, then the Busa, 1K and ZX-12R would be the top choices.

1. Hayabusa, comfort and top end and torque and wheelies and looks.
2. TL, looks and curves and torque.
3. 1000, wheelies, speed, light and pretty.
in a straight line 1/4 mile...GSX1k wins...look at any #'s in a Motorcyclist mag, however, the busa I can ride all day. however a slightly modified busa will certainly keep up with it. Roll ons and torque...the busa wins!! All hail the busa!!!!
you forgot sound on the sound out there!

and on the GSXR1K it's not speed, it's quickness, the busa has the speed.