Iron Butt


I noticed this mentioned in the Pucker post. I have been thinking it would be neat to participate in the Iron Butt race/rally.

Is there anyone here that has participated before? Can you give me some details?
Was going to do a rally ride out of Sacramento, but the date did not work.
My daughter and I did the SS1000 last year in May. Had a great time. went throught the Sierra Mountains, and hit snow and rain, then went through the desert and got stopped by a train in the middle of no-where.
I am thinking I might like to try a longer ride in the near future.
I mapped out the ride. The IBA has a web site with all the info on what you need to do to be "legal" and get credit for the ride.
I think at the rally they have all the stuff done for you and all you need to do is ride and hit the check point.  :)

I enjoyed planning the trip and then riding it myself.
We made the trip in about 20 hours with a 1 hour dinner stop.

If you like long distance riding, give it a try.

Hope this helps

Ride safe  
I have yet to participate as a rider (haven't been selected
yet). I did help Kieth Keating set up his Suzuki GN125 on
which he successfully completed the 10,000 miles.
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