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Has anyone ever rode or attempted a iron butt on a busa? My riding partner has got the itch to do 1500 miler in 24 hours. Thinking about doing it on the busa.
yeah, i just did it..... ive done it on an r1 though, so the busa felt like a rolls royce...i did the 2000 in 48 hrs. just take a camelback and ride....


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I was asked to do it too by a couple of Halrey buddies at work. But I told them they would have to ride at my speeds not theirs. Let us know how it turns out.


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If you haven't done a 1000 in 24 hrs, 1500 in 24 hrs might be hard. We do have a 1500 in 36 hrs which is easy (and you can include sleep time of maybe 4 to 5 hours) . And Yea, I've done two rallys since last year when I bought the Busa and it worked out very well. Just know before starting, where your going, your fuel stops, eat stops and above all RELAX. Speed isn't the answer, constant travel and mim stop time is. If this is your first, stick to Interstates and yea I know their boring ---- But if you haven't been on a bike for 12 plus hours before, 18 to 20 can be a LONG TIME ! The Saddle Sore (1000 miles in 24 hours and the Bun Buster 1500 miles in 36 hrs are based on an average of 42 mph). This might sound like not much, but trust me, you got to keep traveling with limited stop time to do it. And also, summer, fall or winter KEEP HYDRATED.

And last but not least, 90% of  it is in your mind. If you think you can, YOU CAN  
. So just study your route, times of arrival at points you want to be, and GO ! Just keep your gas receipts and travel log

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